Wolontariusze Programu AISEC o naszej szkole!

Poniżej prezentujemy wypowiedzi naszych gości w języku angielskim, na zakończenie pobytu w naszej szkole:

Akelesh Morgan from  Malaysia.
I am so happy to be here in Tarczyn. This is the place where I’ve really started loving Poland. Thanks to Aga and her family for the warm and loving hospitality. This school is simply too good. All the students are amazing. Special thanks to the teachers - for your help and coffees.
So much of love from Malaysia.

Jihun Kim from South Korea

Hi Yall
Thank you so much for all your smiles and hospitality that I've been blessed with. You are fun, intelligent, diverse and quite weird but that's fine:p
This week was one of the best times in my life without a doubt. Tarczyn will be remembered as you guys, not as a juice town from now on.
Special thanks to Maja and her family. It wouldn't have been the same without them. It would've been nothing without them. Thank you. Thank  you. Thank you.
김지현 사람   

Ritesh Nagpal from India
Firstly I would like to tell you something about Poland. The people here are kind-hearted, friendly but a little shy. But I still love the vibe and being around them, learning more about them. And it was an honour for me to visit Tarczyn.
And now if I am to talk about my host family I am kind of speechless because I can’t stop thinking about them all the time. They are like my new- found family. Every member of the family was so loving from the core of their hearts. They are now one of the most important people in my life. They did everything above my expectations. I received so much love from them. It was an honour for me to be the part of this family.
Thank you All Aga, Patryk, Paweł, Ewa